Therapeutic Wheat Bags with Lavender

Lavender Wheat Bags

Luxury Soothing Wheat Bags
with Dried Lavender Flowers

The perfect natural drug free solution
to help soothe aches, pains and muscular stress.

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lavender wheat bags
Luxuriously Soft Wheat Bags

What Goes into our Wheat Bags?

The wheat that goes into the wheat bags

  • Wheat Bags - Wheat

  • We use the best quality wheat grown on a local farm in the County of Hampshire in our range of wheat bags. After harvesting, the wheat is dried to the correct moisture content and stored in the farm's modern grain store, from where we collect it when required. We then carefully re-clean and grade the wheat, removing any dust, chaff and any small grains that may be present. A good, evenly dried and graded sample of wheat makes far superior wheat bags and only the best goes into making our "WheatWarmer" wheat bags.

    The lavender that goes into the wheat bags
  • Wheat Bags - Lavender

  • We use the best quality dried English Lavender flowers - not just Lavender oil as used by some cheaper wheat bag manufacturers - grown on a Lavender farm in the heart of the Cotswolds. After harvesting in the Autumn the lavender is carefully dried, graded and stored until required. English Lavender is cultivated widely for its essential oils and also for its narrow fragrant leaves and spikes of purple flowers that are dried and used in sachets. Lavender was native to the Western Mediterranean countries and is widely used in the pharmacy and perfume industries.

    Machine showing wheat bags being stitched prior to filling
  • Wheat Bags - Materials and Quality Control

  • Our wheat bags are made from the softest material we can find, cut to size and stitched in our own workshop - thus ensuring the highest standard of workmanship and quality control. We carefully blend the wheat and lavender together and use the resulting mix to fill our wheat bags. The end results are one of the largest range of quality made wheat bags on sale in the U.K.

    finished wheat bag

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